Simple, transparent pricing

No matter how much data you have to synchronize - our pricing is simple, transparent and adapts to the complexity of your company.

Perfect for eCommerce businesses.

Free ... forever
For small teams with simple requirements and infrequent data syncronization.
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Queries
  • Up to 1 Data Warehouse
  • Up to 2 Destinations
  • Up to 2 Syncs
  • Hourly Sync Frequency
For mid-sized teams with more data volume and frequent data syncronization.
  • Unlimited Data Warehouses
  • Unlimited Destinations
  • SSH Tunneling
  • Up to 10 Syncs
  • 1-minute Sync Frequency
  • Priority Support
  • 5 hours of 'Analyst As A Service'
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For larger teams with more complex requirements and use cases.
All features of Business plus:
  • Unlimited Syncs
  • Enterprise SLA
  • Full Audit Trail
  • Sync Approval Flow (coming soon)
  • Dedicated Solutions Engineer

Questions & Answers

  • Weld is encrypted at rest and in transit, which means we will not read your data during synchronization. Weld is built by ex-banking engineers and we have applied top security standards when building Weld - please read more on our security page here.

  • We add new integrations every week. Please contact us and we will get it done as fast as possible.

  • Yes, we offer 2 hours free professional data consultacy for every Weld customer on the Business and Enterprise plans.

  • Yes, we do support SSH tunneling for our PostgreSQL and Redshift connectors. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help to set it up.

  • Yes - please read more on our GDPR compliance page here.

  • We offer a no-commitment 14-day trial to test our Business and Enterprise plans.

We’ll help you build the best data stack

We are a team of experts in data analytics within the ecommerce space. We will help you evaluate your data stack, figure out the best use cases and how to implement those, so your business can become data-driven today.